Multi purpose wall mount garage storage rack

Set of 2

Canoe Rack, Surfboard Rack, Bicycle Rack, wood rack

Foldable compact lightweight design

Made from Aluminium and UV stable Nylon plastic

Colours available: Black, Yellow(currently out of stock)

Multi purpose wall mount garage storage rack

R1 349,00Price
VAT Included |
Garage Storage Rack
  • Unique new wall mounted multi purpose foldable storage rack for your garage.  Compact design with the benefit of folding it down when not in use. Use in your house, office or garage to store your surfboard, canoe, bicycle or long items such as steel, aluminium and wood planks.  These multi purpose storage rack are manufactured from high quality Aluminium extrusions combined with UV stable injection moulded Nylon.  Each unit comes with assembly and fitment instructions complete with bolts, nuts, revits and wall plugs for fitment.  We advise to make use a professional installer or handyman service for installation.  We have certified installers in all major cities and can supply you with their contact details.

  • Garage storage racks are a great addition to any garage that needs to declutter. Racks are beneficial because they can hold items such as planks or steel from that pending home project. In addition to freeing up space, racks provide safety by removing awkward or potentially dangerous items from the garage floor.